Why Choose Us

Melody Naidoo, the visionary behind PeopleFactor Solutions, spearheads an HR Consulting and Learning and Development outsourcing company. Her fervor lies in empowering individuals and businesses to unlock their utmost potential.

Melody Naidoo, a seasoned People Consultant and certified Professional, is the driving force behind our HR Consulting, Learning and Development, and Payroll solutions. 

With a vision for transformative outsourcing, Melody made a bold move, exiting a two-decade-long employment journey to embark on a new venture.

Equipped with a Business Management Diploma, a BCom in Human Resource Management degree, and an Advanced Labour Law Postgraduate Programme certification, Melody is committed to creating a platform that fosters the connection of individuals with their passion and purpose within the ever-evolving workplace.

Melody Naidoo is proudly accredited by the South African Board of People Practices as an esteemed HR Professional. 

Adding to her credentials, she holds the Ex-officio Commissioners of Oaths endorsement, and her recognition by the SAQA policy aligns with the criteria for registering a professional designation.

These diverse accreditations, coupled with Melody’s extensive skills and qualifications, empower her to craft innovative solutions tailored to a variety of businesses. Rooted in her fundamental beliefs, she advocates for a suite of integrated HR services meticulously designed to enhance and streamline your organisation’s HR capabilities.